Satisfied Customers

I can’t say enough good things about Tim. Not only has he helped to resolve my chronic headaches and ongoing hip pain but he does it all in a calm, soothing and professional manner. And the fact that he comes to my work place AND he checks on how I’m feeling in between appointments is customer service you just don’t see every day!


Tim’s massages are the absolute best I’ve ever had. My regular sessions with him started with 15 minutes trial sessions that I quickly rescheduled into weekly 30 minute sessions. Not only is he very skillful and talented with the usual back massage,  but he is great at finding areas to work into his massage that really make a difference in my day – who knew that a massage on your arms and hands can actually feel  great after a full day of working on the computer?  And I don’t even need to mention how professional and friendly he is.
The fact that Tim comes to our office is also awesome. After all, going to a spa and being pampered is great, but how many times a month do we have the chance/time to do that? I highly recommend Tim and his massages – they are one of the highlights of my work week!


Tim has been my savoir. For fifteen minutes once a week I am able to step away from my desk, close my eyes and have the stress worked out of my neck and shoulders. Being a working Mom, in an office, in front of a computer all week takes a toll and the convenience of having someone set up in a conference room down the hall is amazing. Tim is warm and very attentive to specific needs, knots, aches and pains. He is literally the highlight of my week when I have an appointment with him (which I try for EVERY week!).


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